to B or not to BnB


What’s Yours Was Mine: An Airbnb Review


[...]Which brings me to your day planner, in the poorly locked top drawer of the desk. Who is “Q”? You and s/he sure seem to have had a lot of dinners last month, plus that long weekend in the Pfalz. And “N”? To be honest, Elfriede, you seem kind of overcommitted. There are all sorts of people out there, not all of whom will understand you. Take, for instance, the dark-chocolate-orange Häagen-Dazs in your freezer. It’s my favorite flavor. And my choice refreshment is the Lagavulin that I see you’ve stored behind the stylish garments in your closet. Coincidence?

via What’s Yours Was Mine: An Airbnb Review – The New Yorker.

Smart little ditty that encapsulates why Airbnb gives me the heebie-jeebies.

tiny PMS matches


Tiny PMS Match

A personal project of tiny proportion—matching small everyday objects to their Pantone® colors, by designer Inka Mathew. All pictures were taken with her iPhone 5 and edited with Snapseed.

Super cute pictures of Pantone color twins… NOT little matches to start fires when you’re feeling super bloated and irritated and wanna watch something burn. Way sweeter than that.

I put my hand upon your hip/ when I gif you gif we gif

all pretty adorable!


12 Flat Design Animated GIFs | Designvertise.

man fined for pretending to be ghost in cemetery

A man who flapped his arms about in a cemetery, making ghost noises within earshot of mourners visiting graves was fined and given a suspended prison sentence.

Anthony Stallard, 24, was reported to police after he was seen throwing himself backwards and saying ‘wooooooh’ at Kingston Cemetery in his home town of Portsmouth, the city’s magistrates heard.

via Portsmouth man fined for pretending to be GHOST in Kingston Cemetery | Mail Online.

where’s the bus stop?

situated in heart of baltimore, spanish artist collective mmmm… creates a 14 foot tall permanent public art project and bus stop that includes three large sculptures forming the letters BUS. developed as part of the initiative transit, the typographic installation becomes a communal space and meeting area for social dialogue and interaction. measuring just over 7 feet wide, the urban furniture set-up is constructed primarily with wood and metal – the planks of timber are screwed onto steel structure, designed to support excess weight and simultaneously prevent vandalism.

via waiting for the BUS inside a giant typographic sculpture by mmmm….


Every Outfit Shelley Long Wears in Troop Beverly Hills

VIA Every Outfit Shelley Long Wears in Troop Beverly Hills, Ranked.

I’m not 100% on all the commentary, but I am 110% that TBH is forever and Shelley Long is amazing.

Fantastic post idea.

well, this is definitely what’cha want


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