Can Justin Timberlake bring Myspace back like he did with sexy?

Can Justin Timberlake help bring Myspace back? –



this made me LOL... (brought to you by the daily

even a pseudo-music snob like me agrees.


How to Turn Republicans and Democrats Into Americans (The Atlantic)

How to Turn Republicans and Democrats Into Americans – Magazine – The Atlantic.

Interesting food for thought.

35 Pounds of Vomit Found in Parking Lot


“Somebody needs to find where it’s coming from and deal with it,” Amy Ciment of Southhampton told NBC Philadelphia while walking through the vomit-drop parking lot.



via 35 Pounds of Vomit Found in Parking Lot | NBC Philadelphia.

That is a ridiculous amount of barf.

The Elements of F*;%#@$!! Style

The Elements of Fucking Style.


The positive form beats the shit out of wishy-washy writing

best demo reel ever, I bet

Special Effects Demo Reel of the Day – The Daily What.


Windows H8

I can understand why this idea came up in the first place. Its because Microsoft has turned out to be a laggard in both phones and tablet computing, despite being early in both games. It just never got any traction whatsoever. One of the reasons for this is that Microsoft could never bring itself into any form of thinking that was not “Windows everywhere.” This meant that its early attempts at making smartphones had to look and act like Windows. All the pad events were just Windows on a pad. Whatever Microsoft created had to reflect what was on the desktop machine, no matter how impractical.

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Seriously, you don’t need cable anymore, stop.

Why Are You Still Paying for Cable TV? | Get Rid of Cable TV & Watch TV Online.

okay, TV isn't *this* bad

barf, no idea how I came across some site called, ugh, “man of the house,” but this article rings true to me.  It blows my mind that people still pay SO much for stupid tv.  How are you not aware of this amazing “internet” thing we have now?

I have curbed two TVs in as many years.  No one wants them anymore.

Yeah, maybe if I had money and TiVo and an apartment that was larger than a closet, I’d think about having a TV again.  Far more likely, I would just buy a big monitor.  TV is crap these days, and I cannot even BEGIN talking about the local news.  Gah, the local news is the worst.  If you ever want to be very annoyed, just watch local news with me.  You will get sick of my rants within minutes.

This just in, crap about a squirrel doing something (THIS IS NOT NEWS YOU GUYS SHIT).

I feel like very few people in SF still have any sort of cable.  I think I know two houses with it right now.  I find it really interesting that Ohio still has it everywhere.  It’s like the midwest refuses to keep up with anything (ahem, I’m allowed to say that, being a native).  Get that shit online if you want it.  If not, just be lame and read random crap all day like I do.  Whatever.  Just stop burning your money.  The future is now!

OH!  Also on site I will never visit again (things to not say when you begin dating):

I voted for Obama/McCain or I support/detest gay marriage…

If you’re dating a Mormon or conservative and tell her that you support gay marriage because you believe that any kind of love is good, you might as well end the date right now. Keep politics and religion out of the conversation. Those things are best discussed after the two of you get to know each other better.

Although I’m not going to say that you should have some political throw-down weeks into meeting, uhm, this advice sucks.  Especially the gay marriage part.  I would never, ever date anyone that didn’t support gay rights (or women’s rights, or… yeah I could go on).  Some people feel so strongly about these causes that it becomes an integral part of their being.  I could never have a boyfriend whose values differed so far from mine that he didn’t feel the same way, at least about everyone being allowed to marry who they feel like marrying.  That would be a waste of my time (and, alas, his, as I am sure as fuck not going to change my mind on this).

Okay, I’m done.  I still can’t remember how I spilled into that site, but I will stay out.  OMG No Girls Allowed!!! (JK, I don’t care that their are for-men sites, or that there are for-women sites… it’s just this one seemed like the slobbering, farting baby of Maxim + whoever makes those horrifying Axe commercials.. not for me).

aw, Sweden

A Child Called ‘Friend’: Swedish Preschool Eliminates ‘Him’ and ‘Her’ – TIME NewsFeed.

Choice Quotes From Rolling Stones Zach Galifianakis Cover Story

His longest job was on a Fox drama called Tru Calling, about a mortuary attendant played by Eliza Dushku who could commune with the dead. He tried his hardest to get fired. He’d tell Dushku she was eating her way to cancellation, or stand up after a table read and say to the writer, “Great script, Karen,” and throw the script in the trash.

via Choice Quotes From Rolling Stones Zach Galifianakis Cover Story: Tru Calling | Rolling Stone Movies | Photos.

Knox Story (Rolling Stone)

The Neverending Nightmare of Amanda Knox | Rolling Stone Culture.

Ah this case has interested me since the beginning.  I have heard so many versions of the story by now.  I couldn’t even imagine how she feels.