Why don’t you tell us how you *really* feel?

Your Startup Sucks – How to Fucking Hire Developers.

5. Don’t you fucking dare ask me a riddle…  You know who’s good at brainteasers? People who are good at brainteasers. That’s about it. The rest of us spend our time writing awesome code, learning about system architecture, and having a life instead of trying to figure out how many blind prisoners on a desert island ate green pudding last Tuesday.

People will always make me take pause when, after finishing a particularly passionate umbrage about yet another thing that makes me angry, they then state “why don’t you tell us how you really feel, Lisa?”

It never fails to make me smile at my own little tantrum.  Whatever, tantrums are great.  If nothing makes you angry, you are probably not really paying attention.  Must be nice.

I found this article to be quite clever.  Having dealt with engineering hiring practices myself (but luckily, from the other side), I really agree with most of what he says and could only imagine how frustrating this process can be for out-of-work developers.


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