as a huge tumblr lover, and a twitter meh-er, love this!

RICK SANCHEZ, Move over Twitter… Make room for Tumblr.

So what makes Tumblr great?  It enables journalists to send news updates with the immediacy and ease of Twitter.  With no 140 character cap, spelling, punctuation and key words and sentences don’t have to be sacrificed. Posts can be short in length but long on substance.  And posts can include pictures and video, without having to click on a link or leave the site—information and images together.  Journalism is at its best when it provides detail and context.

I will always, always tumblr for ya.


***oh here are some of the things I tumbl***

lisa bright & dark (lots of reblogs, some writing if you feel like looking for it!) – mostly just anything I read & liked from tumblr & a multitude of other sources, aka THE INTERNET

my art one: distemperment (note: all inspiration. I totally WISH this stuff was my work, obviously!)

my advice one: ask the bitches (as one of the “bitches,” yay!)


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