make love not this

Iraq Bombings Outside Provincial Governors House Kill At Least 21 People.

and I bet I won’t even read about this again.  Thank god so many people get easily distracted by stuff like Weiner’s twitter mishaps and what fell out of that idiot Palin’s mouth.  Oh, America.  We can do better.


2 Comments on “make love not this”

  1. I swear every blog by an American I’ve come across is either an attack on Obama with subtle racist undertones, or a commentary on Weiner.

    It’s refreshing that this blog entry, despite being small, has substance! 🙂

  2. LisaZee says:

    Thanks 🙂 This little almost-non blog is really just a place where I can save links that I’m reading/maybe want to reference later. There is typically not that much of me commenting.

    It’s frightening how much coverage non-news gets these days here & how we rarely hear about actual, important events that are occurring. In the last week, it was almost impossible to escape the flood of Weiner coverage (and OMG I cannot even get STARTED on those nutso birthers), but again, I seriously doubt I will happen upon this Iraq story again. So disheartening.

    And who are the two women in politics that tend to get the most coverage? The craziest, horribly unqualified, aw-shucks ones. For the love of God, can’t we ever talk about anyone else?

    The political climate of this country has been driving me absolutely insane.

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