“If the Copy Is an Artwork, Then What’s the Original? “

Richard Prince – Jim Krantz – Photographs – Art – New York Times.

He added: “If I italicized ‘Moby-Dick,’ then would it be my book? I don’t know. But I don’t think so.”

My short answer: no, it would not.  And taking pictures of other people’s work & thinking that it is “your” art is ridiculous to me.  I usually enjoy the laziness of others, but this is just too much.

During my studies @ Berkeley, we went over a lot of the interesting territory of originals and copies, copyrights and individual expression.  Although I typically am all for people using their creativity in any way that amuses or excites them, this just seems like the opposite of creativity to me.

Just because no one else has thought of something does not automatically make it a brilliant idea.  Perhaps perhaps perhaps it’s so dumb that others thought it and immediately discounted it.

Just my feelings.  I usually like when people take different parts of media and change it to make it into something new.  But the Moby Dick quote was pretty much spot-on with how I view this “art.”


2 Comments on ““If the Copy Is an Artwork, Then What’s the Original? “”

  1. Sherry K. says:

    A never ending pain in the a_ _ for artists…(-:

  2. LisaZee says:

    oh you can say ass!!! it’s just bookmark bar blog 🙂

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