“If you aren’t wearing cat hair, you’re doing it wrong”

Kitty Servant (Craigslist job posting)

My lovely friend Meghan sent me this job ad.  Uh, not only am I seriously tempted to apply, I would just do this for free.  I am so glad that everyone I know is fully aware of my feline obsession and often even encouraging.

I am cat-sitting yet again for another one of my friends.  People love to ask me now because they know I will take the best care ever of their little babies.

Pickles & I are having a blast.


(From the ad)
-must be able to follow directions
-must have weekend availability
-possibility of full time employment
-must have full holiday availability
-must have speedy hands- kitties bite and scratch
-must be confident, patient and resilient
-ability to work unsupervised

-experience with cats in a professional setting- acceptable examples: volunteer at shelter, vet office work, kennel work, farm work, animal care and control employment, rescue work
-ability to administer medications to felines, including subcutaneous fluids, injections, pills, creams and others
-interact with public in a professional manner, answer phones, conduct tours, respond to email inquiries
-utilize technology to update clients on their cats: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and update website
-check cats in and out of hotel using set procedures
-handle all manner of cats confidently including hostile, aggressive, shy, timid and friendly cats. must be able to do nail trims.
-cleaning cat care spaces and rooms; cleaning up cats and cat messes including vomit, urine, and feces
-Play with the KITTIES!!!
-other tasks as assigned by management

About the workplace:
casual dress- we provide t-shirt/ hoodie which is to be worn to all open hour shifts
tardiness is unacceptable
if you aren’t wearing cat hair, you’re doing it wrong
lots of cleaning
lots of petting


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