Everything Kills.

This isnt the first study to link too much siting with risk of death. Past studies, including one published last year in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, showed that sitting for long periods of time — whether at a desk, in the car or in front of the TV — raises the risk of death, despite how much you exercise.

via Sitting Too Long Raises Death Risk.

(I feel like they are, what, a month late on this?)

Anyway, can someone let me know about laying down???? Seriously.  I am going to need the numbers on this.  I am often a work-layer (I’m totally laying down right now).  I would stretch out at last office constantly.  Due to my broken tailbone (word), I really don’t care for sitting in one place all that long.  I’d rather roll around like a slow-mo beach photoshoot (wait for it…. )

Because if laying “kills” too, then I think I’m just going to stop listening to these studies.  Then seriously, what’s the point of knowing this?  It’d just kind of turn into “not moving constantly will kill you” and, shit, I have work to do.  Or cat snuggles.  I’m BUSY.


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