What? No.

(re: texts and emails)

A sample schedule for someone who works 9 to 5 may be: 9am, 11:30am, 4pm and 8pm. Theres no magic formula in choosing the precise intervals here; the idea is to check your email and text boxes twice in the morning early and late and twice towards the tail end of the day mid-afternoon and early evening.

via Tracey Marks, M.D.: 3 Natural Ways To Fall Asleep Faster.

Check my email and even texts only 4 times a day? What would be the point of living in 2011 then?

I had insomnia way before texting and email popularity.  No.  Also, everyone would think that I was dead.  “Oh, it’s 9pm.  Can’t get ahold of Lisa anymore.”

This is so farmer.  I barely answer my phone, but I love my text-based communication.  I’d sleep even less because then I would have to start worrying about the fact that my friends would finally be forced to give up on me.  Then I’d have to make new Amish friends, and that would involve a ton of studying on their culture and life in order to avoid further friend faux paus.  And my new friends would never, ever email or text me, due to the whole avoiding-technology thing they have going on.  AHHH NO!! Slippery slope!!!

I’ll pass.


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