17 Real Job Interview Questions You Dont Want To Be Asked

17 Real Job Interview Questions You Dont Want To Be Asked.

This randomly came across my radar. I actually read it, even though I hate the crap out of articles that use slideslows (unintentional misspelling that works extremely well… good job brain!) for no reason other than to apparently annoy me.*

Some were funny, but some I was like, really guys? “Tell me a joke” is not a question (although, yes, it’s a horrible thing to request during an interview, and I could imagine my mind trying to seek for the funniest yet most PC joke I could think of.  I was once asked to tell three jokes on a dumb application.  It was like an hour of googling and I was still not happy with my chosen jokes).

The whole ‘what would you do if you saw another employee stealing’- asked of potential employees for Best Buy- um, that should be asked.  That’s a huge deal in retail.  It’s good to know how someone would react or at least hear their reasoning.  I would never fault a person for taking a minute to figure out exactly what they would want to do, but… it’s a good question.  (yeah, I was a retail manager, yeah I was asked this a million times, no I don’t know how anyone who has had a retail job wouldn’t know how to answer this).  I don’t think I used this, as my main goal in retail interviews given was just to get the poor teenager at ease so they could talk to me.  But if you work retail long enough (or god, even just like a year), you will come across this situation.  It totally sucks, but it sucks less to be prepared.

Which leads me to this:

24.  If you could be any animal, what would you be and why?<< PACIFIC SUNWEAR SALES ASSOCIATE

Oh my god. Did one of my beloved children rat me out??!!  I laughed so hard when I saw this.  Yes, I liked to use the animal question.  Is it silly and totally irrelevant?  Yes.  But, again, it’s hard to get squirmy 16 year-olds to feel comfortable enough during an interview to even speak in full sentences.  Also, I really, really like to talk about animals, duh.  Jobs that don’t require much more skill than being able to talk to strangers and being honest… well, there are not that many important questions that one could ask.  I always just tried to bring a level of ease and familiarity to allow the interviewee to feel comfortable.  They would inevitably open up, and my god, we had an amazing staff with very little turn-over (something that is amazingly rare in the minimum wage world of retail).  Although I haven’t worked at that place in like, what, four or so years, I still talk to a weirdly high percentage of my past staff.  Those people are great.  Someone that I interviewed when she was 16 is still one of my best friends in the entire world (that was like 7 years ago).  The animal question WORKS.

So whatever.  And yes, I would be a cat.  I’m aware that cats like napping, yelling for food, and acting the fool, but I am a very honest girl.  Pampered house cat it is.  Live the live of a goddess.

And no, I never made a decision based off of what animal the person wants to be.  Now that would be ridiculous even for my retail standards.  “Oh, a lion you say?  King of the jungle, are ya?  NO WAY.  NOT A TEAM PLAYER.  YOU EAT CUTE ANIMALS YOU ASSHOLE.  G’BYE.”


*I just realized there is a “view as full page” option.  Idiot Lisa.


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