Biz Stone breaks up with Twitter

Biz Stone Leaving: Twitter Co-Founder To Relaunch Obvious Corporation.


Hmm.  This is pretty interesting.  There has to be something more, right?  Ah, come on, I want some tech drama to gnaw on.  I’m bored.  This article (referenced in original article/ I’m lazy) suggests so.

I met Biz like… two years ago?  He was a really nice guy and seemed to have a great business sense.  It was before Twitter got all enormous, and they were trying to figure out how to make it profitable.

Also, I want a name like Biz Stone.

I’m not a huge fan of Twitter for personal use.  My friends don’t use it, so really it’s like me talking to myself most of the time, which I already do enough of IRL.  But I always start using it again when I have to be all social media.  I do think that it can be absolutely fabulous for businesses though.  Just not little Lisas, I guess.  I prefer bugging people in places where I don’t have a world limit, a la wordpress or FB or tumblr.  I’m a mouthy b, what can I say?  I am liking Twitter way more just for good linkage.  Lots of free time, lots of reading.  So I guess I like it after all.

Of course, me hooking up bookmark bar blog to twitter was a good call.  Now I look all tweety without trying.  High five.


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