drop your eggs plop plop plop

EggCartel Makes Craigslist Look Even Older With The Fast, Mobile EggDrop And Funding.

Hmm. I like their name, but I’m not really in on the bashing of Craigslist. Just because someone figured out a pretty simple and brilliant formula does not make something bad. I like that CL doesn’t change… it doesn’t have to change.  Some sites get over-designed and very user-unfriendly.  CL is simple and to the point.

I am almost positive CL does have some mobile app… I think it costs money & I was too whatever to actually buy it.  The main times I actually use CL is when I am hunting for jobs or apartments, neither of which I really want to just do on the go.  I guess if I was just desperately seeking random chairs and office equipment, this feature would become very necessary.  I’d probably only use a mobile CL to read Missed Connections on the bus.

So, this seems pretty cool as a roving flea sale.  But as something to topple the beloved Craigslist?  I doubt that.

Although…. I do get annoyed at times at Snopes.  Now, that’s a 90s site.  But again, I can’t hate on people for just using what has always worked.  Seems counterintuitive.  “Business is great; let’s change everything!!!!”



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