I’m (never) Quitting Email

I’m Quitting Email.


interesting blog post…. I think.  I don’t know.  I’ve actually been quitting SNAIL MAIL forever.  I seriously do not open my mail.  It’s all crap and litter, bills I don’t intend to pay.  No big deal here.

I’m fairly decent at quitting my phone, as in, I rarely answer it.

But email?  Seriously, never.  It’s definitely my favorite mode of communication.  I get to write what I want on my own time & think about it.  I don’t fall over my words.  My thoughts ring clearer.

Maybe that dude should consider giving up twitter.  No wonder he is sick of text-based talk; he not only tweeted on and on and on about quitting email, then even blogged about it.  I’m not surprised dude.  I feel like quitting email is a lot more self-absorbed than quitting, say, blogging, tweeting, facebooking, google-plussing (what the hell is that going to be called?), etc.  I’m sure my work would be really stoked if I was all “oh the one way to get ahold of me?  NOT GONNA HAPPEN YO.  Now let me go tweet about this and write a blog.  Yes I am writing all over the internet, but no I cannot write back to you.”

I think email might not be this dude’s problem.  I think it may be the all-encompassing internet.  If I had a friend or coworker like him, I would continue to text communicate with him, but shove everything over several word-jammed, hardly literate tweets.  Or send them actual letters inviting them to shit that would surely be over by the time they actually received it.


But I’m a total dick like that.


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