Holy Crap, these SuperPoke Pet People are Pissed

Bloody Thursday: Google Deadpools All Slide Products Except One | TechCrunch.

EDITED 4/27…

Okay, I have no idea what Superpoke Pets are (some facebook game or something?) but the comments on this article are fucking hilarious NOT FUNNY AT ALL SORT OF

Okay, I’m sick of people actually caring about this blog.  It’s not a real thing.  People never stumble on it, and that was never my intent.
Sorry you guys got fucked over.

7 Comments on “Holy Crap, these SuperPoke Pet People are Pissed”

  1. Lisa says:

    This is not a serious blog. The post below it is a stereotype world map someone drew.

    I, however, had no idea people invested so much money in (any of these) games? Seriously, thousands though? I would be mad too. I don’t think I would be googling/commenting on random blogs that probably have like 2 visitors per day, but I would surely be upset.

    I’m a nobody, guys. This is just bookmarkbarblog.

  2. It’s not even about them money to me. I just hate that they told us we could still play the game from now on even though they took most things away and now they are going back on their word. Most of us know we seem a bit crazy to those who never played the game… So, I don’t expect you to understand. We just really love our game. I know it seems silly… it’s just a game right? But we could be more creative with this game than any other game I have ever seen and we made life long friends playing. It was a social network for us too. It has been a way for me to pass the time while my husband was deployed… when my daughters were sleeping and I had nothing else to do. I will really miss this game.

  3. Pissed Off SPP'er :-p says:

    Thanks Lisa for retracting your statements.
    I bet your blog got more than 2 visitors today though huh?? LOL 😀

    • Lisa says:

      yeah. I totally didn’t want that tho. I’m not trying to gain attention. this is really just were I put articles I read. sometimes I say stuff. sometimes not.

      had it been on purpose, I’d be all high-fiving myself or something. But it’s not, and my bad, and it all made me a bit 😦

      • Pissed Off SPP'er :-p says:

        I know, the whole situation is crazy though. Beside’s lying & screwing over us, it just does not make sense how such a powerhouse like Google can justify purchasing Slide a year ago for about $200 million just to delete it. I certainly would not be happy if I were a investor in them. If Google has that kind of money to just throw around, I’m sure $200 million could have went A LOT further in our countries economy than in Max Levchin’s pocket.
        At the least, an explanation would be nice but nothing….
        There’s gotta be more to it that they’re not saying… Ya know?

        Oh and I read your other blog about Google Customer Service. Even though I’m not a fan of them right now, I still think your sense of humor is funny. It had me laughing…. 😉

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