America’s Racist Belt

Politics Buzz: This map shows the most racist parts of America. Only 22% of counties voted more Republican this year than 2004. These are the people that bucked the general trend and actually went the other way, i.e., Democrats and moderates switching to the Republican side. Race is the only reason that makes sense for a Democrat to switch sides this election cycle. Keep this in mind when you plan your next vacation: America’s “racist belt” stretches through the whitest parts of the South and up the Appalachian Mountains.

via America’s Racist Belt [PIC].


2 Comments on “America’s Racist Belt”

  1. Sarah Bonner says:

    While I am certainly not going to argue the correlation, or the fact that there are still people who can’t see in more than one color, I think that blaming it solely on racism is a disasterous over-simplification. For example, take Louisiana (a state that I have lived in almost all my life) — if you are familiar with the racial distribution of the state’s parishes and elected offices, you would see that many of these areas are controlled by a black or minority vote. In fact, these areas are also the ones with the most significant degree of party change. In the north end of the state, you hear far less “Obama is a Muslim!” type of out-cries, but you do hear the usual Republican fiscal rhetoric.

    So my opposing theory to explain the results here is NOT that it’s largely about racism, but largely about information distribution. For example — the west and northeast are technical savvy areas, with large and medium metro areas providing access to features like free internet and HD television over the air. They also have a greater mix of radio channels (from my observations during travel). In the areas that have seen the greatest support for Republican candidates, you’ll see the exact opposite: municipal papers are ALL biased in the same way, internet is still difficult to get (and ISPs like Suddenlink get away with a lot more “censoring”), and the only available news outlet for most people is Fox. You actually can not get CNN or other ‘liberal’ organizations without paying out the nose for satellite or super-extended cable (thus, the only people getting it are the ones who can already afford $115+ TV fees).

    My point being is that it is easy to be ignorant when you only hear one thing, and you have it ground into your brain that anything to the contrary is evil.

    • Lisa says:

      My point being is that it is easy to be ignorant when you only hear one thing, and you have it ground into your brain that anything to the contrary is evil.

      I completely agree. And I agree with everything you said- which you said beautifully. I had to approve your comment as it was clearly more in-depth and thought out than the silly little racist map (what can I say, I have a thing for maps and infographics).

      I am not one to see such a picture and believe it as proof, but I am positive that there are those out there that do.

      Thanks for your awesome comment (you kicked the original article’s ass).

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