Adult Swim: Celeb-Nerdy with Norm Macdonald

Yeah, I reread everything. I reread all the time because you get more out of it and it’s such joy. I try to tell people, and they go, “No, I’d rather read an easy read.” And I go, “Well, the classics are the easiest reads of all, because they’re the best writers and therefore they’re the best communicators, so they’re the easiest to understand.” A lot of people seem to think bad writers are easier to understand, but they’re much harder to understand because they can’t communicate to you. You can’t understand what they’re saying! It’s like saying a two-year-old is easier to understand than a college professor. It doesn’t make any sense. The real writer, the real communicator, is the one who’s very easy to understand.

via Adult Swim: Celeb-Nerdy with Norm Macdonald.


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