TSA’s brags about not catching any terrorists

Meanwhile, the TSA literally cites preventing snakes on a plane is one of its top-ten catches.

via TSA’s brags about not catching any terrorists.

They have managed to get to second base with me a couple times though.  Kind of pissed that didn’t get a shout-out 😦

I flew a lot of times this fall.  The last time I was so hungover that I forgot to remove my shoes.  The look on their faces as I approached their x-raype machine AVEC SHOES was hysterical.

Another time I got a very thorough pat down/in while still wearing a wet bathing suit top.  I cannot decide if their job is the worst or the best (JK – the worst- could you imagine having to feel up so many sweaty, pissed-off strangers? – Ok no stop.  Stop pretending they are hot strangers.  Think about fat, ugly, old people.  Those are the ones you are touching.  Yeah, sucks again, doesn’t it? If it doesn’t, my god, you are messed up and should probably seek help.)


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