The Calling

The Calling

They would just drop in. Once a month for the past 12 years, always uninvited. Jane White would answer the door of her East Sussex home to find smiling Jehovah’s Witnesses offering the latest issue of The Watchtower and the chance to hook up with their kind of Jesus. She would tell them to go away. But they’d come back.

After the one visit too many, Jane White returned the favour by banging on the Kingdom Hall doors at 10 o’clock Sunday morning, right in the middle of services, and offered those within free magazines. Her crusade lasted 30 minutes before police arrived and told her to shove off.

“It is not the religion I object to, it is just the intrusion into my privacy which I find annoying,” White explained. A spokesman for Britain’s Jehovah’s Witnesses said that, had they known White didn’t want the visits, they would have stopped coming. White expects that they now know. :

—Scott Saxon

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