John Hinckley Jr: I’m more than just a failed assassin you guys :(

Via the Smoking Gun, a frustrated (and now medicated) John Hinckley, Jr. is upset that the world knows him only as a would-be assassin of president Reagan.

He writes songs and paints landscapes now.

Speaking to his therapist:

“It’s impossible for me to change that. I don’t have a microphone in my hand. I don’t have the video camera. So no one can hear my music. No one can see my art. I have these other aspects of my life that no one knows about. I’m an artist. I’m a musician. Nobody knows that. They just see me at the guy who tried to kill Reagan.”

Frustrated John Hinckley: I’m an artist and musician, not just “The Guy Who Tried To Kill Reagan” – Boing Boing.

This made me laugh for a little too long.  Maybe you shouldn’t have tried to assassinate the Prez, bro.  We’re all frustrated artists… no one would be reading about your landscapes and still life flowers if it wasn’t for the Reagan thing.

(ALSO: okay, fine, who else REALLY wants to see all of his work now??? Dang me and my fascination with crazy.)


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