“Midget revenge is the only form of revenge that works these days”

A Jilted boyfriend has placed an online advert seeking a dwarf to kick the girl who dumped him in the shins.

The man, known only as Brett, sparked outrage after he placed the unusual request on Gumtree.

In his brazen advert he expressed his desire to hire a midget who was prepared to track down his former lover at work and exact his revenge.

He wrote: ‘Hi. I was recently dumped and require the services of a midget to go and kick my ex-girlfriend in the shins whilst she is at work.

‘All you need to do is go into the shop, kick her once (not too hard) in the shin, and leave.

‘I’ll supply all the details needed if you are hired.’

The bizarre advert was posted online on Monday and was viewed over 8,000 times, but Gumtree now appears to have removed it.

South Africa’s Star newspaper today reported that outraged web users had accused Brett of discriminating against people with dwarfism and of advocating violence.

Defiant Brett, who works for a marketing company, denied deliberately causing offence.

He told the paper his advert was not a joke and said he had placed it because he wanted to get revenge after his girlfriend of two months dumped him last weekend.

He said: ‘I clearly took it out because I want my ex-girlfriend to be kicked in the shins. Midget revenge is the only form of revenge that works these days.’

Asked about whether he believed the posting could offend people who suffered from dwarfism, he replied: ‘F*** if I care. They know they are midgets. I’m not being politically correct about this.’

via Wanted: One midget to kick ex-girlfriend in the shins: Is this the most bizarre Gumtree ad ever? | Mail Online.



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