Tibetan suicide: don’t do it.

Like Tibetan neighborhoods all over Western China, Wuhouci is chock-a-block with shop fronts selling gold-colored Buddhist prayer wheels as big as oil drums, intricately carved altars, and beatific bronze Buddhas, all permeated with the languid aroma of juniper incense. But the Tibetan residents—women wearing brightly striped aprons, husky men in sunglasses and funky cowboy hats—seem strangely sullen and few in number. Instead, the streets are dominated by public security vehicles with lights flashing, and black-clad police patrols in flak jackets. “Any cars coming from Lhasa are immediately stopped and searched,” says one local, “What have we done to deserve this?”

via Tibetan Buddhist Self-Immolation Suicides Go Viral – The Daily Beast.



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