My favorite baby names

Don’t steal!!!!!!!

Poopwolf III, JonBenet (NEVER FORGET), and Molly Frankenstein Jesus* (pronounced Hay-zeus not Gee-zus).

* this one is naturally for a three-headed child. If it only came out with two heads, that would wreck everything.  I guess I could call them Molly and Frankstein-Jesus, but I’m just not sure yet.

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“A Brief History of Anxiety” (NYTimes)

Often I sense its electric energy during the initial phone call. Anxiety is like that. It leaps from you to me then back again like some unruly spirit. But that faint buzz reveals surprisingly little else about the being on the other end of the line. Who is not at times worried, nervous, troubled, frantic or even panicked? Anxiety may be an omen of vast import, or not much at all. Like the robot in the television series “Lost in Space” who proclaims “Danger, Will Robinson,” this primal alarm sends out its warning, but of what? As a psychiatrist, it is part of my job to find out.

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Oh! Very awesome article.  Must read.


In the US, it’s not uncommon for thieves to steal copper wire and plumbing from homes. But in Slavkov, Czech Republic, a gang made off with a ten ton metal footbridge. This beats the 4 ton bridge stolen in the Czech Republic in 2008.. Apparently, this gang had “official” documents approving the dismantling. Gives new meaning to the phrase, “I’ve got a bridge to sell you.” From The Telegraph:

“The thieves said they had been hired to demolish the bridge, and remove the unwanted railway track to make way for a new cycle route,” he said.

“It was only after they had gone that checks were made and we realized we’d been had. The cost of replacing the bridge will run into millions.”

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This makes me proud to be Czechy.  I thought about it a lot on my way home, mainly because I wanted a really great pun….

BRIDGE, you better Czech yo’self before you wreck yo’self
Hey, don’t let your bridge write a Czech that your.. something… can’t cash.  *sigh*

Related enough, on my walk home I saw an ambulance almost plow through a jogger.  I think jogger must have had his music loud as hell to not hear those horrid sirens.  But I was so on point that I automatically moved– not to avoid the accident, as I was on a sidewalk– but to actually make sure my body was far enough away that newly airborne appendages/blood would most likely NOT reach me.

The ambulance stopped just in time, and no one was killed (at least at that intersection; I have no idea where the ambulance was going).

I was so impressed with my ninja reflexes that I immediately texted boy to tell him about my awesome feat.  Less than two minutes later, I stumbled for no actual reason and fell off of a curb.  Middle of San Francisco.  Just me, falling in the street.

I get it, universe.  Pride is bad.  You didn’t have to be so obvious about it.

Make your own color pencil jewelry

DIY: Colored Pencil Jewelry.

“The 21 Most Useless College Majors For Pugs, From Fashion Design To Boat Operating”

Pizza Delivery

All of these have been determined using a complicated algorithm comprised of the following criteria: Pug satisfaction, dog treat earnings, and projected belly rubs. Oh yeah, you should check out the Daily Beast’s human most useless college major rankings here.

The 21 Most Useless College Majors For Pugs, From Fashion Design To Boat Operating.

Haha.  I read the Daily Beast article yesterday that they are referencing.  I love this so much more than people just bitching in the comments about how their degree is, in fact, very useful.

I still like to tell people that I majored in “getting a degree from Berkeley.”  It’s fairly close to true.

The Most Beautiful Train Stations in the World


In 1972, Pulitzer Prize-winning author, and The New York Times’ very first architecture critic, Ada Louise Huxtable observed that “nothing was more up-to-date when it was built, or is more obsolete today, than the railroad station.” A comment on the emerging age of the jetliner and a swanky commercial air travel industry that made the behemoth train stations of the time appear as cumbersome relics of an outdated industrial era, we don’t think the judgment holds up today — at all. Like so many things that we wrote off in favor of what was seemingly more modern and efficient (ahem, vinyl records and Polaroid film), the train station is back and better than ever. So, we’re taking the time to look back at some of the greatest stations still standing.

From New York’s grande dame of a terminal to a station complete with its own indoor rainforest to the home of the world’s most luxurious train, the Orient Express, here’s our roundup of the most beautiful train stations in the world.

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Absolutely gorgeous.

Cloudy on the Inside

Artist Berndnaut Smilde combines sophisticated lighting and meticulously controlled interior atmospheric conditions with simple smoke machines to create these awesome images.

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Now I desperately want an indoor cloud in my house…. great.

“Six Stupid Reasons to Move to Austin, a Mediocre Town”

Some mewling mouth-breather named Ed Reed on a blog called Thought Catalog has fallen in love with Austin and listed off six reasons why more Yankees and Californians should move there and join him. And of course, there’s an obligatory, misinformed slam on Houston, but more on that later…

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Wonderful title, wonderful ‘tude.