Not only is this ridiculously genius idea, but their FAQs are quite clever too…

FAQs – Hot Tub Boats | Hot Tub Boats.

Q:  Is this real?


Q:  When can I rent a Hot Tub Boat?

A:We’re still in the “soft start” phase so, unfortunately, we don’t have a solid answer.  The goal is to have our Seattle rental fleet operational by the end of May 2012.

Q:Who drives the boat?

A:You, your friend, your Aunt, best friend’s cousin; anyone over the age of 18 who carries a Washington State Boater’s Safety Card!

Q:How do you drive the boat?

A:  You can drive the boat while lounging in the tub or seated on the aft deck via mechanical and/or remote steering and throttle.

Q:  Is it difficult to drive?

A:  Don’t worry, its easy, especially after a quick tutorial from our friendly and approachable staff.

Q:  How much?

A:  This seems to be our most frequently asked question and, unfortunately, we are going to have to defer to the “soft start” answer again.  We are in the process of finalizing our product costs and will have rental and sales prices shortly.

Q:  Can I make a reservation?

A:  Yes.  Please email us at rentals@hottubboats.com and we’ll add you to the reservation log.  But hurry, it seems as if the summer is filling up fast!

Q:  Can I be put on a purchaser’s wait list?

A:  Yes again.  If you’ve already inquired about purchasing a Hot Tub Boat you have been added to the wait list.  If not, send us an email at sales@hottubboats.com and you’ll receive information about deposit to reserve your place on the wait list.

Q:  Seriously, is this for real???

A:  Yes.  1,000 times, Yes!……..


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