In tech, some bemoan the rise of ‘brogrammer’ culture


At one of the world’s biggest gatherings of Web culture, a 28-year-old executive talks about landing a tech job by sending a CEO “bikini shots” from a “nudie calendar” he created.

On campus at Stanford University, a hot startup attracts recruits with a poster asking if they want to ‘bro down and crush some code.'”

And the world’s largest Internet registration company entices Web entrepreneurs with a Super Bowl ad in which two female celebrities paint its logo onto the body of an apparently naked model.

Forget what you think you know about the benignly geeky computer programmer who lives for the thrill of finding a single misplaced semicolon in thousands of lines of code.

And welcome to the world of the “brogrammer.”

As tech startup culture increasingly enters the mainstream consciousness through movies like “The Social Network” or headlines about the latest 20-something to cash in a dorm-room idea for millions of dollars, the field is attracting a whole new host of personality types.

via In tech, some bemoan the rise of ‘brogrammer’ culture –

Super fun office party.

I could teach an entire class on this topic.  You’d love it if you’re a fan of yelling and hyperbole.


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