People who disappeared mysteriously AKA goodbye rest of tonight

This is a list of people who mysteriously disappeared, and whose current whereabouts are unknown or whose deaths are not substantiated, as well as a few cases of people whose disappearance was notable and remained mysterious for a long time, but was eventually explained.

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Sylvia Plath- Ennui


Sylvia Plath | Ennui Typescript (Final Draft).

Louis C.K. AMAgain

MotorboatingSofaB: Hey Louis. Long time fan. I have began to lose my hair as well. Didn’t really bother me in the beginning as I had a GF, but now I start to take notice to it more and more. How did you come to terms with the fact that one day you will no longer have hair on the top of your head?

I remember the day I saw my hair was thinning. I don’t remember caring much. I don’t care. It’s just hair. It never bothered me much. I was pretty young, too. And it happened and is happening veeery slowly. I have a feeling dead people get really mad when we complain about losing hair.

crackedsanity: Hi there. Thanks for doing the AMA 🙂

Have you run into Ewan McGregor since he told you to put your money where your mouth is?

No. We don’t do the same kinds of things. Unless he starts killing and stuffing homeless people I’ll probably never run into him. I would totally kiss him right on the lips, though. Totally.

dh96: Do you ever find yourself on reddit now that you discovered it since the previous iama?

this is my second time here. I just have to much to do to roam around stuff like this. It seems like a great thing. I just can’t do it. I killed my facebook page years ago because time clicking around is just dead time. Your brain isn’t resting and it isn’t doing. I think people have to get their heads around this thing. All this unmitigated input is hurting folks. My opinion.

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LEGO people are notorious for having stiff, plastic hair. Although that’s not something human beings usually strive for, that’s exactly what these women got. Design firm Elroy Klee created hair out of LEGOs.

The project was dubbed Mindplay: bricks on me and features photography by Niki Kits-Polman and Ebo Fraterman, and make-up by Esther Dijkman.

I think it’s certainly an interesting experiment in fashion, but I wish they’d gone even further. Try some up-dos, pony tails, or even braids. Would you rock a LEGO wig for a day?

Design Firm Creates Striking LEGO Wigs.

I want to like this, but.. hmm.

“maybe if you didn’t have a stupid mac..”

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I work mostly with macs and enjoy them but absolutely HATE participating in the mac/pc debate.  People get so ridiculous.  I love my laptop, but I do not want to fight in its name.  This made me giggle, and yes, it would still work if it said “PC” so I don’t wanna hear it.


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I love infographics (especially fuck-you infographics)

In tech, some bemoan the rise of ‘brogrammer’ culture


At one of the world’s biggest gatherings of Web culture, a 28-year-old executive talks about landing a tech job by sending a CEO “bikini shots” from a “nudie calendar” he created.

On campus at Stanford University, a hot startup attracts recruits with a poster asking if they want to ‘bro down and crush some code.'”

And the world’s largest Internet registration company entices Web entrepreneurs with a Super Bowl ad in which two female celebrities paint its logo onto the body of an apparently naked model.

Forget what you think you know about the benignly geeky computer programmer who lives for the thrill of finding a single misplaced semicolon in thousands of lines of code.

And welcome to the world of the “brogrammer.”

As tech startup culture increasingly enters the mainstream consciousness through movies like “The Social Network” or headlines about the latest 20-something to cash in a dorm-room idea for millions of dollars, the field is attracting a whole new host of personality types.

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Super fun office party.

I could teach an entire class on this topic.  You’d love it if you’re a fan of yelling and hyperbole.

Harvard & MIT Launch Free Online Classes

Getting an education from two of the most pre-eminent universities in the world will soon be as easy going online.

At least, that’s the unified goal of Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), which on Wednesday announced they were teaming-up to offer a new online education program, dubbed “edX.”

The inaugural class begins in the fall of this year, and the initial courses are expected to be announced in the summer.

via Harvard And MIT Launch ‘edX’: Free Online Classes Starting Fall 2012 | TPM Idea Lab.

GOOD.  Just telling people that I went to Berkeley was getting old.

On a serious note, this is exactly where the future of education SHOULD be going.  I’m actually really excited to see what Harvard offers (I’m guessing MIT may be too technical for me).  There is something very special about being able to learn from some of the brightest people.

“Imagine in your mind a pooping butt…”


Three Word Phrase, by Ryan Pequin.

“Vulnerable Security Guards Wanted”

Vulnerable Security Guards wanted for a 1 night performance on the evening of May 10.

Wanted: sensitive and courageous people who will act like security guards for an art show.

Your job is to first create a sense of authority, and then to disrupt the sense of professionalism of the show by doing something that creates insecurity or vulnerability in a thoughtful way.

One planning meeting will be required before the actual event. We can schedule that sometime between then and now.

I have a simple costume for you (t-shirt that says securitization), and the performance goes from 5:45pm – 8:45pm on May 10 in Potrero Hill.

This will be really fun and intense, and I look forward to hearing from you!

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I desperately want someone that I know to do this.