“Anger over “Obamacare” leads to assault on deli worker”

“Anger over “Obamacare” leads to assault on deli worker”

When we talked with her behind bars, Amber Gardner said this wasn’t about politics. She didn’t even know about ObamaCare.

She said she did what she did because she has a drug problem and needs help.

“Let’s just say I did some dope, I did some meth,” Gardner told us in a jailhouse interview.

via Anger over “Obamacare” leads to assault on deli worker – FOX 10 News – Phoenix, AZ | KSAZ-TV.

Someone mentions Obamacare in a drug-fueled rant, then admits later they don’t even know what it is & they were just really fucked up…. but still with the title?

It’s all good trying to capture an audience’s attention, but maybe not have your title be completely proven wrong in the actual article.

In other news, I’m going to start a newspaper about what all the schizophrenic bums say because apparently this shit is news. I’m particularly concerned about how the FBI is using this one guy’s brain to broadcast messages that God is angry and buildings keep watching him. Also, that one (completely harmless) lady* that just yells curse words all the time in the Sunset. I would like to hear what she has to say about politics.

“Let’s just say I did some dope, I did some meth” did make me laugh. Pretty decent honesty there. I hope she does get help… and not more media attention for what she yells when she is on heavy drugs.

* I actually really enjoy that lady. If you are in the SF/Sunset/Irving area, you will know who I am talking about. She says mean things but you can tell she is just confused.  I wish I could help her too, but I guess she’s been doing that for years. If it makes her happy, then I am absolutely fine with her yelling at me every once-in-awhile.
PS- I didn’t even mean to go full circle here, but I actually led us back to healthcare— we NEED to do more for the mentally ill in our country. I don’t see why people think that healthcare for profit is the best idea, or why we shouldn’t be trying to help these clearly mentally ill people who really need some mental health treatment (AT LEAST). What, we fully cover all prisoners in jail, but little poor kids and adults with no one to look after them– fuck them? That seems fair.
You want to make a “scary” person even scarier? Just make it so they have nothing to lose. Brilliant idea. Great for everyone involved, guys.
I wish we could actually vote SOMEWHAT on where our taxes went. Sorry, defense budget, I’m going to have to throw some money at the destitute because I am not a sociopath.

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