SF I love you, but you’re bringing me down..



Go HERE to check out one you can maximize…. seriously this rent is murdering me.

Notice Regarding The Cat

Notice Regarding The Cat. (via buzzfeed)


Ira Glass – By the Book – NYTimes

The host of “This American Life” and co-writer of the coming film “Sleepwalk With Me” would like to meet Edgar Allan Poe. “I don’t have a question, but dude just seems like he could use a hug.”

via Ira Glass – By the Book – NYTimes.com.

I love anything with Ira.


What the fuck has NASA done to make your life awesome?

via wtfnasa?.

Go there & GO NASA!

Yo’ momma’s state’s so fat that..

Boring States

Indiana: boring. Maine: boring. Georgia: hot, racist, and boring. Oregon: liberal, weird, rainy, and boring. Ohio: boring, but important in the primaries.

Such, at least, are the verdicts rendered by Google’s autocomplete function, according to some informal research by venture capitalist and occasional blogger Renee DiResta. Suffering from mild culture shock upon her recent move from New York to San Francisco—where subways are sparse, people are obsessed with “local food,” and homeless people sprawl comfortably about the streets—she got interested in how people from different U.S. regions stereotype one another.

State by state, she started typing “Why is [state] so” into her Google search bar, and let its algorithm guess the remainder of her question. Type in “Why is Illinois so,” for instance, and it wonders if you’re going to ask, “Why is Illinois so corrupt?” For West Virginia, the top result is “poor.” Not all of the suggested descriptions are negative. Colorado is “healthy” and Delaware “business friendly.”

via Google autocomplete interactive map of state stereotypes: the fat, boring, and racist states of America.


Check out the link and the interactive map. I don’t know what, but this kind of thing is right up my alley.  And yes, California is so liberal (well parts of it), so expensive, so anti-gun (prob the lib parts) and so broke. But I am still happy that I left a boring state for it 🙂

*Bitch I Detest But Would Worship – m4w*- CL Missed Connections

You are a petulant spoiled dishonest bitch that is manipulative and selfish. You are disliked by just about everyone around because of your lack of decency, compassion, or kindness. Yes, you are now aware that your behavior disgusted me and like most people would not want to have anything to do with people like you. I can see you are afraid and keep your distance as you know you were wrong and that I have written you off. However, there is a part of me that can not help from wanting to worship you and give into your dominant bitchy ways. You have no idea and would never guess that I would kneel before you and beg for your forgiveness even though you were wrong.

via Bitch I Detest But Would Worship – m4w.

Missed Connections 4 President 2012.

Ex-Google executive’s new venture helps students avoid corporate life

(Reuters) – Four months after leaving Google Inc, the former head of its enterprise business has a new mission – helping college graduates avoid big corporations like Google.

Upstart, a service that is launching in limited form on Wednesday, lets university graduates raise money from other people online so that they can start their own businesses, pursue a research project, or chase a personal dream, rather than take a “safe” job in the corporate world.

“There’s this overwhelming desire to not follow the traditional path of bolting yourself to a desk and climbing the corporate ladder,” said Upstart founder Dave Girouard.

But he said too many graduating students have college loans they need to repay and do not feel they can take a chance.

via Ex-Google executive’s new venture helps students avoid corporate life | Reuters.

My god we need more stuff like this.

mom notes are awesome

Amusingly Bizarre Notes From Completely Insane Mothers | Happy Place.

Ira Glass on Storytelling (Vimeo)

Ira Glass on Storytelling on Vimeo on Vimeo


I love love love Ira Glass. I can pretty much guarantee that will be my next pet’s name. This American Life is one of my favorite things ever, and I just adore Ira to absolute pieces. ACK IRA LOVE ATTACK.
If you’ve never listened, seriously just throw a couple of the podcasts on to your phone & go take a long walk. Listen while you’re organizing or doing dishes. Just listen.
I have a ton of favorites if you want a decent place to start.

I’ve also gone to see Ira at speaking engagements. It was beyond fantastic every time.
Great now I have to go listen to some TAL. YAY!