Oh is that how I can get boobs finally?

Are you there, God? It’s me, German Soldiers. I’m growing breasts on one side of my body. Let’s rap about that.

According to a report in the Cologne Express link in German, soldiers from Germany’s elite

Wachbataillon military unit have found their bodies changing in ways many of us have not experienced since Girl Scout camp: they’re growing boobs on the left side of their bodies. The condition is called gynecomastia. Doctors believe the condition is developing due to a drill that requires them to slam their rifles into their chests, thereby stimulating unusual hormone production.

In other words, German soldiers are growing man-boobs “Männerbrust” because they can’t stop hitting themselves. Stop hitting yourselves, German soldiers. Stop hitting yourselves. Stop hitting yourselves.

via German Soldiers Are Growing Boobs On One Side of Their Bodies, Oh, Okay.

Ew, don't put this on your baby, please.

Ew, don’t put this on your baby, please.

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