How to Cohabitate with a Loved One



Mostly what is important for peaceful cohabitation is giving each other space, especially space to be weird, or drifty, or checked out. The most challenging part of sharing tight quarters with someone can be the pressure to always be on – chipper, connected, energetic, entertaining. But we are all weird animals, and sometimes we’re locked in our heads for no reason. We feel quiet or moody and it’s no one’s fault…


Giving each other the space to be authentically in the mood you’re in, without the pressure to fake it for each other, builds trust and love and appreciation and prevents weird fights about nothing. So do it.

via How to Cohabitate with a Loved One – The Bold Italic – San Francisco.

If you’re a hermit crab who loves personal space, just date another hermit crab that loves personal space. It’s so fun to stay home together and stay home apart.


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