What is this all this? Find out here! OMG!

I seem to have a little problem (well, many, but let’s focus on this one, shall we?). I am a compulsive internet bookmarker. It’s true. I can’t stop it. The internet is full of so many fascinating things. I cannot help but want to save certain articles that I may want to read/reference/use as inspiration/use in my memoirs (kidding, but I wouldn’t be that surprised). Although this notion is quite sweet, it honestly just results in me ending up with thousands of random bookmarks, cleverly located in such descriptive bookmark folders as: misc, life, stuff, random, randumb, more misc, summer, august, now, now!!, etc, etc. In haste, I add new folders because the old are so full of mysterious URLS that I have never organized (especially whenever I take benzos to sleep… every morning is a little Christmas, waking up to see what amazing things I had been reading about the night before). I’ve been known to lazily just make a folder entitled adfjslk, or whatever my keyboard decides to type when I just jam my fingers on the homerow. Although quite quick, this just adds to my disorganization.

To make matters worse, I constantly read things that I want to share with other people. This would be pretty awesome of me if it didn’t happen so much. When I’m busy, I might fall behind a bit, then have a crazy spurt of just pouring over and savoring a virtual hodgepodge of information, clever writing, hilarity, and whatever else I do on the interwebs. Regardless of how interesting I may find everything to be, no one wants their facebook feed to suddenly show random Onion articles written five years ago, hilarious requests for last meals, or a new how-to-do-whatever tip I just read about, that I will probably never do but would like to think of myself doing at some point. Also, due to my ridiculously long-term relationship with insomnia, these bursts tend to happen when no normal person is awake, typically furthering my desire to share, share, share!

This has to end.

So, here I will hopefully keep an awesome little database, which could easily be described as “things Lisa liked on the internet,” or “so I annoy people less,” or, really, just “bookmark bar blog.”


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