Ira Glass on Storytelling (Vimeo)

Ira Glass on Storytelling on Vimeo on Vimeo


I love love love Ira Glass. I can pretty much guarantee that will be my next pet’s name. This American Life is one of my favorite things ever, and I just adore Ira to absolute pieces. ACK IRA LOVE ATTACK.
If you’ve never listened, seriously just throw a couple of the podcasts on to your phone & go take a long walk. Listen while you’re organizing or doing dishes. Just listen.
I have a ton of favorites if you want a decent place to start.

I’ve also gone to see Ira at speaking engagements. It was beyond fantastic every time.
Great now I have to go listen to some TAL. YAY!

Einstein xkcd

via xkcd: Pressures.

Harvard & MIT Launch Free Online Classes

Getting an education from two of the most pre-eminent universities in the world will soon be as easy going online.

At least, that’s the unified goal of Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), which on Wednesday announced they were teaming-up to offer a new online education program, dubbed “edX.”

The inaugural class begins in the fall of this year, and the initial courses are expected to be announced in the summer.

via Harvard And MIT Launch ‘edX’: Free Online Classes Starting Fall 2012 | TPM Idea Lab.

GOOD.  Just telling people that I went to Berkeley was getting old.

On a serious note, this is exactly where the future of education SHOULD be going.  I’m actually really excited to see what Harvard offers (I’m guessing MIT may be too technical for me).  There is something very special about being able to learn from some of the brightest people.

“The 21 Most Useless College Majors For Pugs, From Fashion Design To Boat Operating”

Pizza Delivery

All of these have been determined using a complicated algorithm comprised of the following criteria: Pug satisfaction, dog treat earnings, and projected belly rubs. Oh yeah, you should check out the Daily Beast’s human most useless college major rankings here.

The 21 Most Useless College Majors For Pugs, From Fashion Design To Boat Operating.

Haha.  I read the Daily Beast article yesterday that they are referencing.  I love this so much more than people just bitching in the comments about how their degree is, in fact, very useful.

I still like to tell people that I majored in “getting a degree from Berkeley.”  It’s fairly close to true.

The Man Who Made Lists

Roget himself turned out humorless and judgmental, beset with a “paranoid streak” as well as melancholy and shyness, not to mention a horror of “dirt and disorder” — the Thesaurus entry for “uncleanness” is a lollapalooza. So one can scarcely be surprised by the refuge he seems to have taken in workaholism and an assortment of small compulsions, including his “obsession with counting.” (“I every day go up at least 320 steps.”) He took particular pleasure in an ability to control the movements of the iris in his own eye.

via The Man Who Made Lists – Joshua Kendall – Book Review – New York Times.

My god, do I love lists & thesauruses.  I’d write a whole list why I do, but it would just be a lot of synonyms and stuff.

Seven Bar Jokes Involving Grammar and Punctuation- McSweeney’s Internet Tendency

A gerund and an infinitive walk into a bar, drinking to drink.

via McSweeney’s Internet Tendency: List: Seven Bar Jokes Involving Grammar and Punctuation..

perfect for the drunk dork in your life.


Are smart people ugly? The Explainer’s 2011 Question of the Year.

The answer: They’re not.

via Are smart people ugly? The Explainer’s 2011 Question of the Year. – Slate Magazine.

Luckily, the stupid ugly people reading this article will likely miss what it is implying about their own probable attractiveness.

Just kidding.  They don’t read.





“More information about penguins than I care to have”

In 1944 a children’s book club sent a volume about penguins to a 10-year-old girl, enclosing a card seeking her opinion. She wrote, “This book gives me more information about penguins than I care to have.” American diplomat Hugh Gibson called it the finest piece of literary criticism he had ever read.

via “More information about penguins than I care to have”.

Just brilliant.

The great mismatch

Who ate my job?

via The great mismatch | The Economist.

I did.  And it’s fucking delicious. 

That little heading just made my day.

(Oh and this is a good article, btw).

The jobless young: Left behind | The Economist

Unemployment of all sorts is linked with a level of unhappiness that cannot simply be explained by low income. It is also linked to lower life expectancy, higher chances of a heart attack in later life, and suicide. A study of Pennsylvania workers who lost jobs in the 1970s and 1980s found that the effect of unemployment on life expectancy is greater for young workers than for old. Workers who joined the American labour force during the Great Depression suffered from a persistent lack of confidence and ambition for decades.

via The jobless young: Left behind | The Economist.