Man Deeply Suspicious After Insurer Covers Prescription Without Hassle

GAS CITY, IN—Taking for granted that his employer’s insurance would not cover the cost of his prescription antibiotics, local man Aaron Lasser was reportedly left deeply suspicious Thursday after being told by the pharmacist his plan had in fact paid for the medication in its entirety. “I went into CVS naturally assuming I’d have to pay at least 30 bucks out of pocket, but then the guy at the pharmacy counter said I was all set,” said a baffled Lasser, who added that, after looking down at the receipt for $0 stapled to the bag containing his prescription, he asked the pharmacist to double-check that there hadn’t been a mistake. “There wasn’t even a co-pay. That doesn’t make sense, does it? I need to get this sorted out. They’ll probably penalize me or something.” At press time, a skeptical Lasser was dialing the 800 number on the back of his insurance card to get to the bottom of what happened.

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9 Private Islands That Cost Less Than An Apartment In SF


South Saddle Caye off the coast of Belize has abundant coral growth along the eastern and southern shore lines and sparkling blue water, and no old naked men on street corners.

This house way out in Bayview is OK. It comes with a ceiling fan.

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ouch. this one hurt.

“We surveyed 10,752 people about …”

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“seemed like a good idea at the time”

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I’m a fan.

twitter / @crushingbort on boatmurder

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9 Things Introverts Do All The Time

Other introverts enjoy writing, which is why they send Mark Ruffalo three letters a day, except Wednesdays when they send him seven because that’s the day of the week he was born on.

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Logo no-no

Catholic Church’s Archdiocesan Youth Commission

This logo was developed in 1973 and won an award from the Art Director’s Club of Los Angeles. This example shows how perception can adjust overtime with new generations viewing things much differently from their predecessors.

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don’t be an alligator agitater


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good day to go sailing..

Become the first person to ever own a t-shirt with a sailboat on it.

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‘Question for everyone but especially medical people’

Would you go back to a dentist who thinks birds are mammals?

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my nightmares


LOL & that is so not a Missed Connection..

“but especially medical people”