Hello Kitty’s newest friend is a sad egg



The latest character to join the Sanrio family, the Japanese lifestyle brand behind Hello Kitty, isn’t a cuddly animal, or even a living creature. It’s an egg named Gudetama.

The company just released a short film (which can be seen below) featuring the little egg. In it, an egg shell is cracked open and out pops Gudetama, a glob-like creature with arms and legs.

Gudetama is pictured fried on rice, as tomago sushi and dripping from a cracked egg. He’s whiny, always has a face of despair, and according to the Sanrio release on the little guy, is “unmotivated.” His attitude is related to the fact that he only exists to be eaten.



And Gudetama is already on Twitter, with pictures of him on a plate of rice with the caption “impossible, oh.”

The character was part of Sanrio’s contest last year to find new characters based on popular Japanese food. Some of the other characters included a tofu geisha and a bread-shaped panda bear.

After a public vote, Gudetama was the runner-up, while Kirimi-chan, a salmon head, won first place and was developed into a line of products.

Slimy salmon and now slimy raw egg? Maybe there’s something to be said for drawing arms and legs on slimy foods we can’t get enough of.

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EGGSCELLENT (yup, I’m trying super hard right now, sorry)

BREAKING: Dogs Running


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Redheads Myths: Redheads Evolved From Cats

Mark Twain once remarked, “while the rest of the human race are descended from monkeys, redheads derive from cats.” But was he joking? Redheads and cats share the same myths about being witches and spawn of the devil. But there aren’t many YouTube videos of redheads playing the piano. So, this myth is busted (probably).

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My sleeping pattern claims this is true.

Yo’ momma’s state’s so fat that..

Boring States

Indiana: boring. Maine: boring. Georgia: hot, racist, and boring. Oregon: liberal, weird, rainy, and boring. Ohio: boring, but important in the primaries.

Such, at least, are the verdicts rendered by Google’s autocomplete function, according to some informal research by venture capitalist and occasional blogger Renee DiResta. Suffering from mild culture shock upon her recent move from New York to San Francisco—where subways are sparse, people are obsessed with “local food,” and homeless people sprawl comfortably about the streets—she got interested in how people from different U.S. regions stereotype one another.

State by state, she started typing “Why is [state] so” into her Google search bar, and let its algorithm guess the remainder of her question. Type in “Why is Illinois so,” for instance, and it wonders if you’re going to ask, “Why is Illinois so corrupt?” For West Virginia, the top result is “poor.” Not all of the suggested descriptions are negative. Colorado is “healthy” and Delaware “business friendly.”

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Check out the link and the interactive map. I don’t know what, but this kind of thing is right up my alley.  And yes, California is so liberal (well parts of it), so expensive, so anti-gun (prob the lib parts) and so broke. But I am still happy that I left a boring state for it 🙂

Make your own color pencil jewelry

DIY: Colored Pencil Jewelry.

Are You a Ghost Surfing the Web?

best of craigslist: Are You a Ghost Surfing the Web?.


Are You a Ghost Surfing the Web?


Date: 2011-10-18, 7:10PM EDT


Documentary style program is looking to contact a ghost on the internet. If you are DEAD and reading this, please respond!

What is your name?
How did you pass away?
Why are you surfing the internet?


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Lack Of Media Interest Makes Genocide Cover-Up Unnecessary

Lack Of Media Interest Makes Genocide Cover-Up Unnecessary | The Onion – America’s Finest News Source.

AFMADOW, SOMALIA—Utter global disinterest in the wholesale slaughter of 250,000 ethnic Bajuni people this week has caused Somali warlord Maj. Fortunate Charles to regret all the effort he put into covering up the atrocities. “I went out of my way to hide the corpses in secret mass graves, I burnt entire villages to the ground to destroy evidence—all for nothing,” said Charles, adding that he had expected intense media scrutiny or at least some kind of U.N. fact-finding mission. “Next time, I’ll leave them lying where they fall with the machetes still in their heads.” Charles said he was also upset about the money he’d wasted on the custom-fitted Italian suit he had intended to wear while on trial in the Hague.

Japanese bartender drinks a beer in one second

Japanese bartender drinks a beer in one second – YouTube.

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Well, 1990 was a long time ago. Those of us who’ve hung out on the internet long enough know better than to express ourselves by playing the Third Reich card. But it seems to me that, where we used to say ‘Hitler,’ we now say, ‘Hipster.’ And like Godwin did all those years ago, I’m here to say that using ‘hipster’ as an insult will automatically quash the coherent argument that accompanies it.

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because this weekend, I decided that I should really understand what turkers are.

Amazon Mechanical Turk – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.