Black cat casting call

via Wb4Qi.jpg (JPEG Image, 520 × 782 pixels) via LIFE Magazine (quick & easy assumption)

This is so awesome that it actually discourages my common instinct to go research the hell out of everything.  I’d rather just lay here and think of all the possibilities (although as soon as I made up the title, I worried that I actually already guessed it)..

My other initial thoughts: meeting of women who love black cats association (WWLBCA) / just a totally fucked up coincidence/ bring your black cat to work day/ holy shit this had better not be some black-cats-are-devils-let’s-collect-and-kill-them…. oh great, I’ll never sleep now.

ACK but the leashes! How to explain those???  Teach your black cat to walk like a dog seminar? Ladies who lunch with black cats? Ah, with leashes?

Black cats (sung to the tune you probably don’t know, “Black Socks”)

Blllllack catttts

They never get dirty!

Sometimes you think you should wash them-

But then you think maybe, not yet. Not yet. Not yet.

I had a wonderful all-black cat that I named Lucky when I was around 6.  I thought that was pretty much the height of cleverness.  Adult me would be all “LUCKY!! GET IT!?? BLACK CATS ARE SUPPOSED TO BE UNNNN-LUCKY!!!! I’M SO CRAZY YOU GUYS!”

Oh crap.  I was more mature two decades ago.  That can’t be a good sign.