“Man Breaks into Museum and Tries to Steal Elephant Tusk with Chainsaw”

Early yesterday morning, a man broke into Paris’s Museum of Natural History and used a chainsaw to cut off the tusk of a 325-year-old elephant skeleton before being caught shortly afterward by police.

Neighbors of the museum called police after hearing a “a strange sawing sound at around 3am” (that would be the chainsaw). When police arrived, they found the thief, who was in his 20s, desperately trying to scale a wall while carrying a tusk, having left the still-whirring chainsaw next to the elephant skeleton. The thief fractured his ankle during his would-be escape.

via Man Breaks into Museum and Tries to Steal Elephant Tusk with Chainsaw.


Florida Man on Twitter

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This Twitter is brilliant. It just scoops up real crime articles that have “Florida Man” present in the title. SO GOOD.

Some choice examples:

Florida Man Traps Ex-Girlfriend’s Mother Into A Fold-Out Couch | http://bit.ly/fJPLwo

Florida Man Threatens Neighbor With Chainsaw He Can’t Start | http://bit.ly/UskBe0

Florida Man Slapped With Warning After Riding Dying Sperm Whale | http://bit.ly/12WT6Pf

High On Synthetic Weed, Florida Man Calls 911 Twice To Report That His Dreams Are Real | http://articles.orlandosentinel.com/2012-09-04/news/os-man-calls-911-dreams-drugs-20120904_1_dispatcher-synthetic-marijuana-dream …

all via Florida Man _FloridaMan on Twitter.