let’s just go to Ikea and grab some rape-y pillows

‘Cuddle Rape’? IKEA left red-faced after online translator gives one of its pillows a rather unfortunate name. Name of IKEA pillow Gosa Raps translates to Cuddle Rape on Google.

Swedish furniture giant IKEA has been left red-faced after the name of one of their products was translated into something less than appropriate.

A customer put the name of £35 pillow Gosa Raps into Google Translate which interpreted it as Cuddle Rape.

The translation of Raps, the Swedish word for rapeseed, was cut in half by the online dictionary, creating the unfortunate combination.

via ‘Cuddle Rape’? IKEA left red-faced after online translator gives one of its pillow a rather unfortunate name | Mail Online.

found by Google image searching "scary pillow" -- no idea why this would be $60.

found by Google image searching “scary pillow” — no idea why this would be $60.


This gave me a laugh that I totally needed. The bombings at the Boston Marathon today have left a heavy feeling in my heart.

okay this helps too.

okay this helps too.

Bay Bridge finally gets some respect

*Seriously watch the video below!!*

The San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge “is the Rodney Dangerfield of bridges,” as our friends at KQED say. While the Golden Gate gets respect and tourists, the Bay Bridge simply does its job. But the humble span will shine Tuesday, thanks to 25,000 light-emitting diodes.

The white lights will form patterns that continuously morph and move across the bridge’s span, or slide up or down its supports. The Bay Lights project is the work of artist Leo Villareal, who uses diodes like pixels to create scenes of mesmerizing fluidity…


via Artist Prepares To Light Up San Francisco’s Bay Bridge Like Never Before : The Two-Way : NPR.


I’ve never heard of the Bay Bridge being called the “Rodney Dangerfield of bridges,” but that’s hilarious. I *do* respect you Bay Bridge. You let me live in SF while going to school in Berkeley, and how else would I get to IKEA? ❤