‘Question for everyone but especially medical people’

Would you go back to a dentist who thinks birds are mammals?

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my nightmares


LOL & that is so not a Missed Connection..

“but especially medical people”


*Bitch I Detest But Would Worship – m4w*- CL Missed Connections

You are a petulant spoiled dishonest bitch that is manipulative and selfish. You are disliked by just about everyone around because of your lack of decency, compassion, or kindness. Yes, you are now aware that your behavior disgusted me and like most people would not want to have anything to do with people like you. I can see you are afraid and keep your distance as you know you were wrong and that I have written you off. However, there is a part of me that can not help from wanting to worship you and give into your dominant bitchy ways. You have no idea and would never guess that I would kneel before you and beg for your forgiveness even though you were wrong.

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Missed Connections 4 President 2012.