More Than Half Of Women Think Other Women Are To Blame For Rape, According To Survey

The ‘Wake up to Rape’ report showed that 54% of women think rape victims should be held accountable for their role in the crime.

via More Than Half Of Women Think Other Women Are To Blame For Rape, According To Wake Up To Rape Survey | UK News | Sky News.

In other percentage news, I hate 100% of this group. To be fair, holy fuck, they are asking for it.

And one in eight thought a victim who dances in a provocative manner on a night out is also to blame for any consequences.

Okay, neat.  Gotta go shoot myself in the face now.  Girl power!!! (This is why we can’t have nice things, not get raped, etc).  Fucking. People.

You make me want to live in bed.  I’m disgusted and sad and angry.  That’s interesting though.  I vaguely bet the other 46-or-so% HAVE ACTUALLY BEEN RAPED. Because it happens all the time.  Which is horrifying.  But this attitude is somehow even worse to me at this second.  It’s turning my stomach.

Fuck you people.

Sidenote: it’s not like their methods were scientific, so I’m not going to pretend that really half of all women could think this, BUT STILL.

Love Don’t Pay My Bills: Earning (Persephone Magazine)

Last week, we talked about budgeting (oh, did we ever!), but this week, we’re going to rewind a step and look at one of the two major factors involved in budgeting: what you earn. Earning is a topic over which you may feel you can exert little control, but that’s not true. Even within most given fields, levels of education, location, and experiential tiers, there is room for negotiation on your salary. A number of things can influence it: let’s take a look.

via Love Don’t Pay My Bills: Earning | Persephone Magazine.

Read this dumbies! 🙂 It’s full of helpful advice & was written by some brilliant bitch I know.